Shanghai Lansheng Brain Hospital Investment Co., Ltd.

The goal of Lansheng Brain is to build the most powerful chain of contemporary, foreign-affiliated, and expert brain hospitals in China. With 2,250 beds completed and 1,500 more in the works, it has now established Tianyou Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Brain Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Cixi Blue Cross Brain Hospital, Suzhou Blue Cross Brain Hospital, Shanghai Wanzhong Hospital, and other top-notch facilities. 2018 saw the successful completion of the JCI international hospital accreditation review at Tianyou Hospital and Brain Hospital, both of which are affiliated with Tongji University.

Ankon Technologies Co.,Ltd

Ankon Technologies Co.,Ltd, founded in 2009, is a high-tech company specializing in the research, development, production, and commercialization of innovative medical devices for gastrointestinal health.

Our company's origins can be traced back to 2008, when our founders in Silicon Valley began designing and building the fundamental Robotic Capsule Endoscopy technology.

With the vision to develop and manufacture advanced medical devices for diagnosing and treating digestive diseases, they established ANKON Medical Technologies in 2009, which was the first company in the world to commercialize a “Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscope System.” In 2019, the U.S. based AnX Robotica established a commercial agreement to share products and technologies with ANKON.

AnX Robotica's "Magnetic Capsule Gastroscopy System" is the world's first magnetic capsule gastroscopy robot, capable of performing a comfortable, systematic, and comprehensive examination of the stomach. It has received a Class III medical device registration certificate from China NMPA, a CE certification in EU, and a De Novo Innovative Medical Device Classification from US FDA. It is currently being used in hundreds of medical institutions across 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and has been exported to the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong, among other countries and regions.

Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd is a biotechnology company that applies modern biological technologies to the research, development, production and sale of enzyme and probiotic products, providing customers with "safe, highly effective and environmentally friendly" system solutions. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has always been committed to the  field of biotechnology and adheres to the development concept of "contributing to the entrepreneurship of human  health, environmental protection and energy saving, the forerunner of technological innovation, which is the cornerstone of core products". and an anchor for network marketing  and branding. Relying on  innovative technology and quality products, the company has become a leading professional service provider in the field of enzymes and probiotics, winning the title of "Top 10  Enzyme Product Manufacturers in China" and "Fermentation Industry Science and  Contribution Award".

Zhejiang Helowin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Helowin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 139 million. The company's founder, Chairman Sun Bin, has led the company to assist thousands of households in gaining access to professional medical and health management services, with the goal of establishing a health bridge between doctors and patients. After 15 years of hard work, Helowin has grown into a national high-tech company that combines "wireless data terminal + health data engine + health service model designer," as well as a business model that transitions from B2B to B2B2C and B2C.

Fussen Technology

Fussen Tech. is a high-tech digital dental company based in Shenzhen with over 400 talents, half of which work on research and development. Since its founding in 2010, Fussen Tech. has been committed to creating and offering comprehensive solutions for the entire dental healthcare market.

Fussen Tech. has been developing CBCT, IOS, Imaging Plate Scanner, SaaS-clinic management system, and Dental X-Dental digital intelligence platform at the same time. Fussen Tech. is also committed to assisting and propelling the industry toward digitalized management of the dental diagnosis and treatment process.

Intelligene Biosystems (Qingdao) Co., Ltd

IntelliBio, a national high-tech company specializing in R&D, manufacture, sale, and service of life science analytical instruments, consumables, and solutions, was founded by a seasoned mass spectrometry engineering expert. IntelliBio currently has two technology platforms: a broad-spectrum time-of-flight quantitative mass spectrometry (new generation laser desorption ionization with matrix time-of-flight mass spectrometry) and microfluidic-on-a-chip nucleic acid rapid analysis system, the latter of which was rated by an evaluation committee comprised of academics from the CAS and CAE as “overall performance paralleled the world's leading brand."

Hangzhou Hunter Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Using zebrafish biotechnology, an international cutting-edge biotechnology, Hunter Bio is a national high-tech company committed to serving the healthcare sector. Hunter Bio  innovatively apply the "zebrafish embryo testing technology" and massive bioassay data originally used for scientific research and drug screening to cosmetic products by using zebrafish, the "Mus musculus in water," and integrate zebrafish bioassay technology with big data. Hunter Bio concentrates on screening raw materials, formula development and improvement, efficacy and safety testing, quality improvement, and a full suite of product efficacy and safety solutions. It also maintains strict control over the raw materials used in the supply chain, identifies any potential risks, and tracks the safety of products to ensure product quality, strengthens weaker chains, and uses technology to propel the growth of the large health industry.

Hangzhou Leisuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Using a new animal model for drug screening and evaluation technology for new drug development, Hangzhou Leiso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech new drug company with an advanced scientific and technological level. The company was founded in 2011 by a team of overseas returned drug researchers who have served as senior executives in top contract research organizations.

The scientists of Leisuo Pharma are dedicated to research and development of medications for serious illnesses like tumors, chronic inflammation, immune disorders, and metabolic disorders, with a focus on the identification of novel drug targets for diseases listed above and discovery and evaluation of structurally novel lead compounds.

Genovior Biotech Corporation

Genovior Biotech Corporation (GBC) was founded by Dr. Steve J. P. Hsu in 2015 and has more than 160 employees, of which more than 100 have masters and PhDs in science. It has established advanced factories and R&D bases in Hsinchu (Taiwan), Tainan (Taiwan). It is currently one of the few CDMO companies in Asia that can actually perform and scale up commercial API and injectable, and has certification of PIC/S GMP (cGMP, EU GMP) Part I, II, and III. Rich manufacture experience of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Injectable.

Genovior is a dedicated Ingredient (API) and CDMO focus on process development, scale up, formulation development, and productivity optimization under PIC/S GMP (cGMP, EU GMP) for our customers worldwide. Our one-stop services conveniently provide effective and efficient solution and our non-competition policy provides maximum security and protection in IP for our clients.

New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group Co., Ltd

Founded in Shenzhen, China, New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group is a family of animal hospitals and clinics committed to building a world-leading comprehensive pet services platform and an integrated veterinary business ecosystem. We deliver high quality services to the communities through the business segments of Pet Healthcare Services, Runhe Supply Chain and Duoyue Education, with the coordination of Central Hospital Division, International Hospital Division, Third Party Diagnosis Division, Intelligent Technology Division, New Industry Channel Division, and Kaisheng MaaS. Our business cover pet medical care, pet grooming, retail, remote treatment, intelligent pet medical care, live streaming e-commerce, supply chain, local life services, continued veterinary education and pet culture promotion, etc.

Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited

Bloomage Bio (ticker symbol: 688363) is a well-known biotechnology company and bioactive materials company, focusing on functional glycans and amino acids that contribute to human health and dedicated to bringing a new experience of healthy, beautiful and ioyful life to human beings.

Bloomage Bio is a company integrating R&D, production and sales of hyaluronic acid, of which its microbial fermentation technology for hyaluronic acid production is in the market's dominant position. With the two technological platforms of bio-fermentation and cross-linking, the company has created a vertically integrated business model of bioactive materials from the production of raw materials to the sale of consumer products. It offers a dynamic portfolio of hyaluronic acid products covering functional food and skin care products and maintains extensive connections with international manufacturing companies, medical institutions, and end users in the fields of mechatronics and medicine.

CH Biomedical, Inc.

A group of scientific and technological experts with international experience founded CH Biomedical, Inc. (CHB) in 2008 with the intention of improving the survival and quality of life for patients with end-stage heart failure. CH Biomedical's corporate headquarters are in Suzhou Industrial Park, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, CH Biomedical USA, Inc., is based in Los Angeles, California. Modern ventricular assist devices (VADs) are the focus of research and development at CH Biomedical, which also works to promote their commercialization and benefit patients with end-stage heart failure.

Denovo Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Denovo Biopharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of biomarker-driven precision medicines. Our technology platform can be broadly applied to biomarker discovery and biomarker-guided drug development in many therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, metabolic, cardiology, and immunology.

Our pipeline is filled with first-in-class drugs that address these major unmet medical needs, and we use our biomarker discovery approach to identify the right patients who may benefit from them. Our core technology is the industry's first platform and algorithm to perform de novo genomic biomarker discovery retrospectively using archived clinical samples. This technology is especially useful for late-stage drugs that have completed clinical trials with unsatisfactory efficacy. By identifying biomarkers correlated to patients' responsiveness to drug candidates retrospectively, our technology enables new clinical trials in a targeted patient population to achieve significant efficacy and/or less adverse effects.

Suzhou Huadao Biological Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012. Suzhou Huadao Biological Pharmacy Co., Ltd specializes in research and development, manufacturing, and sale of fine chemicals such as pharmaceutical intermediates, bulk drugs, pesticide intermediates, and new materials. It is a high-tech company with in-house engineering and innovation capabilities. The company's current product lines include: gastrointestinal anthelmintic intermediates and raw materials, capsaicin, such as the benzene sulfonyl chloride series and the hydroxyquinoline series. Many of the company's products have entered the MNC supply chain system through downstream manufacturers or traders, including large companies in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and France, owing to the company's good product quality and reputation. The company has production bases in Suzhou and Ningxia, adheres to the principle of "integrity, quality first, technology leader," will not lose sight of its original purpose, and will cooperate with customers from all over the world for mutual benefit and mutual benefit. The group's mission is to constantly and actively promote the ongoing development of the global medical and healthcare industries, as well as the new materials industry.

Qingdao Phagepharm Bio-tech Co., Ltd

Founded in 2017, Qingdao Phagepharm Bio-tech Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise in phage industrialization. Phagepharm is authorized as a high technology company, and has won the Award of Excellence in National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, the silver medal in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the gold medal in China Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Competition, and other honorific titles.

Committed to developing the first bacteriophage brand in China and to providing bacterial disease solutions, Phagepharm has provided services and products to customers in the poultry, livestock, pets, fur animals, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, and human health industries since its establishment.

It has won the second prize in the High-tech Enterprise, the National Excellent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project, the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the China Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Competition. Gold Award and other honorific titles.

Beijing Baylx Biotech Co., Ltd

Beijing Baylx Biotech Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise focused on stem cell and regenerative medicine research. For more than a decade, the company's core team has focused on stem cell basic research, new drug development, and clinical transformation.

It is China's first chair of the Committee for Standard of Quality Management for Stem Cell Manufacturing. charter trustee of the Biotechnology Association of China, provider of biological reference standard products and comparator products of HUCMSCs for NIFDC. It is a "Certificate of Confirming Manufacturing Quality Management for Stem Cell based Medical Products" holder. It is the only stem cell new drug developer invited to participate in the 2020 CIFTIS.

For more than a decade, the company's core team has focused on stem cell basic research, new drug development, and clinical transformation.

The core team members have presided over or participated in national 863, 973 projects and National Natural Science Foundation of China projects for many times, and published more than 50 papers. The company possesses cutting-edge stem cell preparation technology, a high technical level, and extensive quality control experience. It has developed a comprehensive and stable production process for stem cell preparations, as well as a strict and perfect quality control system, as well as a number of advanced stem cell preparation and quality detection technologies, and has declared and approved a number of invention patents.

Fujian Genohope Biotech Ltd.

Fujian Genohope Biotech Ltd. was established in January 2019 by New Hope Life Science Investment Fund and Genovior Biotech Corporation. The business has a prime geographic location and easy access to transportation in the Fujian Putian Washi Industrial Park, which is close to the Fuxia Railway and Putian Station of the High-speed Highway. A one-stop pharmaceutical R & D and production outsourcing (CDMO) high-tech enterprise, the company has a total area of 55 acres and has constructed an advanced factory in accordance with PIC/S GMP international standards, focusing on Long-acting formulations of peptide drugs, anticancer drugs, biological drugs, and other APIs, as well as all corresponding injection development and production.

Outstanding individuals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors are brought together by Genohope Biotech to provide customers with contracted services including new drug candidate development, process validation, quality standards research and practice,  clinical trials, and commercial solutions, as well as data services for registration of chemicals, manufacturing, and regulatory controls. One of the few CRO, CDO, and CMO-capable one-stop injectable drug contract developers in Asia, Genohope Biotech is also one of the few teams with actual mass production expertise.

Genohope Biotech‘s production facility is capable of providing ready-for-launch dosage forms like injections, lyophilized goods, prefilled syringes and cartridges. Actively improving its presence in global market, Genohope Biotech will also soon offer one-stop biomedical R&D and production services for clients worldwide. We aim to become Asia's top one-stop contract developer and manufacturer of injectable drugs by offering customers convenient, useful, and efficient pharmaceutical finished product solutions aligned with high quality standards and assured safety.

Nanjing Leads Biolabs Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Leads Biolabs Co., Ltd. is a clinical-stage R&D biotech company founded in Nanjing by a senior antibody therapy research and development team from the United States. Our company is committed to researching and developing novel antibody-based therapeutics in oncology and immunology to address global unmet patient needs. On our monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibody development technology platform, we already have a robust R&D pipeline of more than ten innovative cancer immunotherapy antibody projects. The company will continue to innovate in order to provide patients with new drugs that are safe, effective, accessible, and affordable in order to meet unmet medical needs.

Qingdao Con-Loop Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Con-Loop Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of cleaning and disinfectant research and development, and focuses primarily on the cleaning and disinfection market for industrial and civil services. The company is launched by a group of seasoned industry professionals including the former head of R&D, production, and supply chain and a key representative of Youjie’s.

Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. established in 2009, is a pioneer in technology development, quality control and technical services in the field of clinical mass spectrometry in China, and also a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and third-party medical testing services. Yingsheng built a leading domestic gene detection platform and mass spectrometry detection platform around metabonomics and genomics, covering the fields of birth defect screening, disease prevention and human health services, and won more than 20 national patents and 6 software copyrights. Participating in the construction of 1 industry standard and 12 enterprise standards, passing the ISO13485 quality management system and GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification, it is recognized as a core biological technology company in Shandong Province’s "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan".

Jiangsu Simcere Medical Diagnosis Co., Ltd.

Simcere is a leading provider of precision medicine solutions in China, dedicated to building a more accurate, comprehensive, fast and accessible precision medicine infrastructure in critical areas of human health challenges. Through continuous technological innovation, Simcere has a comprehensive pipeline of innovative products in the therapeutic areas of oncology, central nervous system, infection and pharmacogenomics, including Onco500, China's first pan-cancer companion diagnostic product in NGS that has entered clinical trials. Simcere also provides precision medicine service system and digital infrastructure for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to enhance the quality, efficiency and experience of precision medicine.

Genepoint Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Genepoint Biological Technology (China) Co, Ltd is driven by innovative technology and focuses on new initiatives, technology application, and process control on cryogenic biomaterial, which includes the latest generation of cryogenic cell storage automation system and all-in-one solution of alternative energy options. We are committed to promoting intelligence, automation, and IoT technology, as well as exploring new operation modes in the cryogenic biomaterial system. Improved quality and well-managed biomaterials would finally aid in the advancement of Precision Medicine.

Qingdao V&H Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao V&H Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2016, is a leading provider of smart health care and bathroom solutions in China, as well as an Internet of Things technology company incubated by Haier, focusing on bathroom health care solutions for smart bathroom space in the Internet of Things era.

V&H‘s main products include intelligent toilet split machine and all-in-one machine. With the smart toilet lid as its first product, the company focuses on user interaction, understand user needs, and successfully launches the first domestically made smart toilet featuring “heated water bidet”, controlled with voice”, “build-in partition wall” and “wireless control”, leading the industry innovation by a number of technical patents and industry standard formulations, and has evolved from smart toilet to smart elderly care solution.

Standard Testing Group Co., Ltd.

Standard Testing Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive third-party laboratory testing service enterprise with primary focuses on biomedical and life science industry., and extensive business interest in ecological environment, industrial goods trading, innovative services and other micro sectors. Furthermore, we provide contracted services of import and export commodity inspection and appraisal, engineering design, building construction, water conservancy project quality inspection and many other inspections. Our professional laboratory capability covers biomedical research, medical devices, cosmetics, omics analysis, disinfection products, environmental monitoring, soil detection, hazardous waste identification, site investigation, and instrument analysis.

Longping Biotechnology (Hainan) Co., Ltd

In May 2019, Longping Biotech was founded in Sanya with a focus on improving key agronomic traits of important crops like corn through precision biological breeding. The company's registered address is in Sanya, Hainan, and includes more than 1,700 square meters of office and laboratory space as well as about 190 acres of field land for the environmental safety of transgenic corn. The company currently has an ambitious candidate product pipeline, and two of which, LP007 and LW2, have already received approval for field trials. Since the company's founding, it has also received approval for 12 environmental releases and 3 field trials.

The company's founder, Dr. Lv Yuping, holds a degree in plant genetics and breeding from China Agricultural University. He completed postdoctoral fellowships in plant molecular biology at the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he studied under Academician Xu Zhihong, and at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied under Professor Phil Rea and Academician Joe Ecker. He has held positions as General Manager of the Biotechnology Center of the Dabeinong Group, Chief Scientist of Ceres Corporation in the United States, Operation Director of Syngenta Biotechnology (China) Co., Ltd., and Chief Scientist of Ceres Corporation in the United States. He has a strong background in academia and industry.


Suzhou Leadsynbio Technology Co., Ltd.

Leadsynbio was established in 2015 with a focus on cutting-edge research in the field of synthetic biology. It is involved in the development, production, and marketing of industrial biotechnologies for the pharmaceutical, food, and health care industries as well as animal health products, with the goal of providing sustainable ingredients made with synthetic biology.

At present, the company has a variety of products in its pipeline, including a series of products such as D-ethyl ester,(a veterinary antibiotic florfenicol intermediate), high-end feed additive active vitamin D3, and NMN(a new anti-aging molecule) .

InxMed (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

InxMed is a clinical-stage biotech firm founded at the end of 2018. The company is committed to developing novel therapies that target the stroma microenvironment as well as solid tumor resistance and metastasis, with a focus on anti-PD-1/PD-L1 treatment drug resistance. InxMed commits to becoming a global leader in revolutionary cancer therapies by establishing an efficient engine for clinical translational science and a proof of concept platform fueled by an in-depth understanding of disease biology.

Suzhou Juwei Yuanchuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Juwei Yuanchuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of straw carbon source and biomass succinic acid and butylene glycol in China. The company is composed of talents from Harvard University, Tsinghua University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Dartmouth and other top universities at home and abroad. Through innovative biological fermentation process technology, the company produces a variety of  value-added nutritional microorganisms, functional microorganisms, and material microorganisms. The company’s products are extensively used as additives of new materials, animal nutrition, animal health, modern agriculture, modern fishery, carbon neutrality, and many others. The company now operates several wholly-owned subsidiaries in Jiangsu and Shandong.

Weimai Qingtong Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2021, Weimai Qingtong Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a medical device developer that provides comprehensive minimally invasive and non-invasive energy medical aesthetic solutions on its patented thermal ablation system.

Beijing Imunopharm Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Beijing Imunopharm Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to developing innovative gene and cell therapies for curing malignant tumors. Imunopharm has independently developed a new generation of CAR-T technology, which is leading in the field to achieve full-process serum-free production, large-scale gene vector preparation, high production success rate and long-term in vivo persistence of CAR-T cells. As a result, the efficacy and safety of our CAR-T products are greatly improved. Additionally, Imunopharm owns spacious open and clean laboratories, as well as manufacturing facilities that fully meet regulations of China, US and EU, which guarantees one-stop CAR-T production at high quality. Since its establishment, Imunopharm has received three approvals for Investigational New Drug applications.

Shandong Zhuoye Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Zhuoye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that provides medical software, equipment, consumables, and intelligent solutions. The company's business covers blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, cloud platforms, 3D design and manufacturing services, software research and development, intelligent Internet of Things, etc. The company focuses on the medical and health industry, with high-end and characteristic products as the core. With product integration capabilities, distribution network management capabilities, terminal channel control capabilities, and product academic promotion capabilities, the company provides high-tech products and service packages for advanced medical institutions at home and abroad, so as to promote the development of China's the development of China's innovative medical treatment, minimally invasive tumor procedures, and rehabilitation efforts.

IASO Biotherapertics

IASO Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel cell therapies for oncology and autoimmune diseases. Leveraging its proprietary fully-human antibody discovery platform (IMARS), high-throughput CAR T drug screening platform, and proprietary manufacturing processes, IASO Bio is developing a rich clinical-stage pipeline of multiple autologous and allogeneic CAR-T and biologics product candidates.

Nnajing Wimi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Weimi is a corporation that is concerned with the future of food. It focuses on corn, as well as other grain and cash crops, and uses gene editing technologies in feed and deep processing terminal goods. The firm is positioned as the first domestic biotechnology organization operating in the field of feed and corn deep processing via a vertical pipeline.

Weimi's expertise on gene editing technology enables it to empower the feed and deep processing sectors, increase quality and efficiency, and develop products with traits like insect resistance, herbicide resistance, disease resistance, stress resistance, high yield, and more. The firm also focuses on the high protein, high-quality protein, special starch, and other specialized high-value-added product markets.

Qingdao Xingu Animal Protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Xingu Animal Protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd.that locates in Qingdao, is a scientific and technological animal protection enterprise comprising veterinary IVD, R&D, and productions. The corporation vision is becoming an innovative leader in the field of animal biological product. The core values are customer orientation, self-challenge, and striver-oriented. Since an establishment of the company, a series of honors and certifications have been obtained, including “Shandong Provincial New Research and Development Institution”, “National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Qingdao New Economic Potential Enterprise”, “Qingdao Animal Disease Prevention and Control Technology Innovation Center”, “Qingdao Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Service Demonstration Platform”,  “Qingdao Specialized, Refinement, Differential, and Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, “Shandong Veterinary Association Testing Branch Chairman Unit”, and etc.  

The company has built a high-standard GMP production workshop for veterinary IVD, and platforms for scientific and technological research, i.e. "Qingdao Pig Disease Prevention and Control technical specialist Workstation" and " Qingdao Key Laboratory of Livestock & Poultry Pathogen Biotechnology". At present, the company has established six technical platforms, including virology, microbiology, protein expression & purification, cell engineering, antibody preparation, and diagnostic reagent R&D.  

The main products are veterinary diagnostic reagents, antiviral biological products, and novel antibacterial agent. The operation of company was driven by R&D. The product pipelines have covered veterinary diagnostic reagents and prevention and control products for animal diseases of poultry, swine, ruminant, and aquatic animals.

Guangdong Zhuotai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhuotai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in June 2021. It is a biomedical green manufacturing enterprise focused on synthetic biology technology, primarily engaged in researching and developing medicines and medical aesthetic peptides derived from microbial fermentation to address unmet clinical needs. Currently, the company has established a biosynthetic enzyme design platform guided by machine learning algorithms and a high-performance cell casting factory, capable of producing more than one metric ton. They have also designed and modified over 60 biosynthetic gene clusters and more than 10 chassis cells, according to various metabolic pathways. In addition, the company has designed and completed over 20 recombinant genetic engineering strains of pharmaceutical and medical aesthetic peptides (intermediates) from scratch. Currently, the company mainly produces GLP-1 series long-acting molecular peptides, TRZ, TRN, TRU, EK enzyme, C enzyme, T332 enzyme, and other industrial mass-produced products.

The company has built multiple functional R&D laboratories, encompassing molecular biology, genetic recombinant fermentation, extraction and separation, purification, chemical synthesis, quality analysis, and testing, along with a complete industrial-scale pilot production line. The company's current product pipeline includes innovative biological drugs and biosimilar drugs, aimed at various chronic diseases, mainly through fermentation and semi-synthetic products.