About us

As a private equity fund management company in China, Hosencare Brothers upholds the investment philosophy of "One Health For One Hundreds Year Life" - focusing on the systemic health of people, animals, plants and the environment in the growing era of longevity - continuously explore long-term investment opportunities in medical health, biotechnology, food technology, environmental technology and other related fields, focusing on head and high-growth enterprises in niche areas, with a balance of minority equity investment and holding operations; backed by rich industrial resources and entrepreneurial spirit, creating long-term value for investors, contributing power support for entrepreneurs and providing a platform for team growth.

Headquartered in Beijing with offices in Nanjing and Suzhou, a representative office in Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, China, also an innovation center in Boston, USA, Hosencare Brothers is a joint venture between the management team and the New Hope Group, with the New Hope Group as the cornerstone investor and a significant industrial backing.