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With a proven track record of 8 years, Hosencare Investment Management (Shanghai), LTD. (hereafter referred to as "Hosencare Brothers") is a healthcare-focused private equity investment firm spun off from Hosen Capital and New Hope Group's healthcare investment team and supported by our cornerstone investor New Hope Group, and has been operating independently under the trade name "Hosencare Brothers" since 2017. We have inherited Hosen Capital's rigorous operation and risk management philosophy which has been fully recognized through its close cooperation with local and oversea institutional investors. Led by Xun Tang and Tom Yang, Hosencare Brothers includes a group of seasoned professionals with expertise in pharmaceutical administration, healthcare investment, biological technology and pharmaceuticals.  

We are dedicated to establishing a healthcare empowerment investment ecosystem, putting great emphasis on creating customized capital strategies and sourcing industry support to help our portfolio companies meet their unique business and financial goals. Furthermore, we have developed a unique network of relationships with clinical specialists, scientists, private hospitals, and public companies who bring deep insight and sophisticated perspective to help build our portfolio companies and investors. 

We are now managing a total of RMB 3 billion and have invested in a private brain hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a stomatological hospital, and a number of promising companies in magnetically controlled capsule endoscope system, iot medical devices, enzymes, microfluidic chip for fast nucleic acid hybridization, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, molecular diagnostics, dental imaging & digital ecology platform, biopharma CRO & CDMO, and high-end wellness supplements sectors.

Hosencare Brothers has offices in Shanghai, Beijing,Tokyo and Boston.  



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